Cocktails – thoughts

IMG_20190110_200710_363I’ve gotten pretty into making cocktails in the last year, since my dad got me a shaker set for Christmas, and since cocktails at bars and restaurants are so ridiculously expensive. Plus, I have this vision of myself hosting 1920s-themed parties with my friends in fancy dress and the bar cart close to hand. The fact that we absolutely will not all fit in my 150 sq ft kitchen/living room is just part of the charm.

As an opportunity for courage in the kitchen, cocktails seem like a relatively easy avenue, because they follow two of my tenets for recipe creation: CONFINE and RATIOS. There are relatively few available ingredients – most drinks are composed of hard alcohol, liquors, juices, sugars, and sodas (I have no idea how dairy and eggs might be incorporated, although I recognize this is a thing. Definitely a challenge for later in the year). I’m hoping that if I stick within this narrow range of ingredients and follow general advice on the basic ratios, I won’t steer far wrong. That said, my familiarity with many of the ingredients is much lower than for other dishes, so my ability to guess what will go together is limited. Luckily, there are (almost) no “raw” cocktail ingredients, so tasting along the way is totally possible (if you have the constitution for it).

Things I’d like to learn about cocktail making:

What are bitters for?
What is the purpose of dairy or eggs?
How to guess how sweet or sour any particular ingredient is.
How to make a perfect twist of lemon peel.

2 thoughts on “Cocktails – thoughts

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