Goat Cheese Ice Cream Sundae

20190427_214516Of my many goals for this blog, one of the big ones is being able to develop recipes that I’ve never heard of, that don’t seem like they would work, but that have an underlying logic to them founded in flavor and texture BALANCE that makes them tasty as well as surprising. From my life before this blog, I knew that watermelon rind pickles taste great on vanilla ice cream. For this recipe, I wanted to expand that foundational truth into a composed dessert, adding textural components and new techniques to make something that could be served in a restaurant.

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Chai Ice Cream Cake

20190305_085058-1This is my first collaboration, ha! My friend at work is a scientist by day and owns a local chai company, Boston Chai Party, by night (they ship!). He and his business partner are Indian, so you can be sure his product is authentic. While he has the chai tea recipe on lock, we were talking one day about other ways that the chai spice could be used and the first one we thought of was chai ice cream. Naturally, I had to turn it into an ice cream cake. I have to say, this might be the most beautiful dish I’ve ever made!

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Matcha Coconut Ice Cream with Kidney Bean Swirl (Vegan)

20190204 matcha ice creamThe origin story of this recipe is super weird, which one of my favorite sources for recipes. Basically, I have a friend who got this gag gift of a can of kidney beans for a Secret Santa exchange. Turns out he doesn’t actually cook or particularly like kidney beans, so he bequeathed the beans to me, with the promise that I will make him something tasty with them. One joke about kidney bean ice cream later, and here we are…

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