Asparagus, Ricotta, and Arugula Pizza

img_20190608_203222_463Ahhhh pizza. This is not my first pizza recipe on this site and it won’t be my last. It’s just so versatile and easy, I find myself relying on it when I can’t think of what to make, especially when I have a bunch of odds and ends left over in the fridge. Today, I go for a pesto sauce – one of my favorites, and try the whole salad on top of pizza thing that has been popular for a while.

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Coooookies? (Spiced)

20190211_202734When I get stressed, or bored, or hungry… I bake. For me, it’s the process of cooking (not the final product) that I love the most. The chopping, stirring, and measuring relax me, and it requires so much focus that I just zone out and forget about my worries. Now that I’m learning to create my own recipes, these spontaneous cooking sessions are a perfect opportunity to take a risk – if it doesn’t work out, I still accomplished my goal of relaxation, and no one was counting on the product anyway!

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