Pasta with Artichokes and Edamame

20190708_201823I originally decided to make this recipe because I was craving artichokes (that’s normal). But then my grocery delivery service brought all the ingredients except artichokes (first world problems). So I was going to go ahead and try it without the artichokes. BUT THEN I remembered that I live in Little Italy, and there are multiple specialty food shops that would love to sell me Italian artichokes. No, you didn’t need all that back story, but suffice it to say you’ll be glad I managed to find some artichokes.

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Vegan Lemon Macarons

20190421_141012As I’ve mentioned, my sister is vegan. Back before she became vegan, when she was just a vegetarian, we would make macarons together when we were both home at our parents’ house. If you’ve never made macarons, you should know that they’re more of a project than your usual dessert recipe. I typically set aside ~4 hours to make a batch, and that doesn’t include the overnight steps. While that is undeniably a lot of time to spend on some cookies, it saves a lot of money because macarons do not have expensive ingredients but are extraordinarily expensive to buy in the store. Even better, I get to use that time to catch up with my sister, and we both feel the accomplishment of making a beautiful dessert that can seem very intimidating. Since going vegan, my sister and I had not made macarons. But I learned about using aquafaba (more on that after the break) in place of the eggs in macarons on the Great British Baking Show, so over Easter we decided to give it a try. All I can say is, boy was my sister pleased with the results!

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Coooookies? (Spiced)

20190211_202734When I get stressed, or bored, or hungry… I bake. For me, it’s the process of cooking (not the final product) that I love the most. The chopping, stirring, and measuring relax me, and it requires so much focus that I just zone out and forget about my worries. Now that I’m learning to create my own recipes, these spontaneous cooking sessions are a perfect opportunity to take a risk – if it doesn’t work out, I still accomplished my goal of relaxation, and no one was counting on the product anyway!

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