Tropical Shrimp Salad

20190619_203356This is another dish that came out of my Random Number Generator game. The page was shrimp, and since summer is definitely upon us I wanted to make a light salad with the flavors of a ceviche. Ceviche is a Latin American dish usually prepared by curing raw fish or shrimp in citrus juice – somewhere between sushi and actually cooking the fish. However, I just went ahead and cooked the shrimp to avoid the hassle. The addition of corn, avocado, red onion, lime, and chili powder really made it seem like ceviche and the beans and spinach stretched it into a full meal.

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Miso-Wasabi Coleslaw

20190507_214849This was one of those cleaning out the fridge recipes, which is a great start to recipe creation. You will probably recognize many of these ingredients from recent recipes I’ve posted on here. The available ingredients led me to asian, so that is what I went for with the overall dinner. Below is the slaw recipe, which ADAPTS one of my favorite mayo-based dressings, but recipes for the rest of the plate will follow on Wednesday!

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Spanish Chopped Salad

20190222_182056A couple of years ago I traveled to Barcelona and Madrid with my two best friends. As a major foodie, I planned all of our meals (let’s be real, I planned all of our everything… me? controlling?). But one of our best experiences was a random little cafe that we happened upon for lunch one day. They weren’t even serving lunch yet (it was only noon, after all) and the owner didn’t speak much English, but he ended up bringing us dish after dish of classic, no-frills Spanish cooking – pan con tomate, sliced cheeses, and tortilla. At the time, I knew that there was this thing called tortilla that bore no resemblance to the Mexican taco and burrito casings, but this was my first experience tasting it, and I was an immediate convert. It’s just potato, onion, egg, and cheese served room temperature – basically a frittata – but the flavors balance perfectly and it tastes like you could be sitting in any Spanish home kitchen, i.e. exactly as comforting as you’d hope. After deciding to recreate this experience using Food52 founder Amanda Hesser’s Spanish Tortilla recipe, I figured adding a bit of nutrients with a Spanish-inspired side salad would be a great opportunity to practice the lessons I learned in my Basic Vinaigrette post.

And yes, I topped that Spanish tortilla with a totally non-Spanish Sriracha mayo. #scandalous #sorrynotsorry

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Basic Vinaigrette

20190210_205736Sometimes, you just need a salad dressing. I hate buying salad dressing because it’s expensive (for what it is), it comes with way too much dressing for my needs, and it’s usually full of sugar or other weird ingredients. I’ve known for a while that making vinaigrette was really simple. I usually just wing it and it often comes out a bit too sour, so in the spirit of this blog, I decided to do a bit of research on the RATIOS, and came up with a base recipe that can be adapted in a variety of ways to make exactly the dressing you want.

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