Mission statement

Through this blog,  I will use my working knowledge of the techniques of cooking, and all the accumulated knowledge of chefs and cooks before me, to give me the courage to generate my own recipes. As a scientist, I approach every new problem very methodically, so in preparation for this adventure I’ve come up with a few tenets of recipe creation (available here). These are guidelines based on my understanding of currently available recipes that I hope will help guide me towards success. I will start small, but by the end of the year I hope to be confidently taking risks and creating unique dishes that I am proud to share with all of you. Along the way, I will record my process – how I chose the dish, options for making it your own, tips and tricks, and the final product. I hope that my experience will give you the courage to take your own risks in the kitchen and share your creativity with the world. But remember, unlike with other recipe blogs, when you take risks in the kitchen, results are not guaranteed.

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